A decisive statement from Hezbollah sets the hour of zero

A statement issued by the Islamic Resistance Movement in Lebanon (Hezbollah) condemned the horrifying and savage crime committed by the Zionist gangs of murder and criminal by bombing the Al-Ahly Baptist Hospital in Gaza, which claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent martyrs.

Follow-ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Hezbollah called for tomorrow, Wednesday, to be an unparalleled day of anger against the enemy and its crimes, as well as against Biden’s visit to the Zionist entity to cover up and protect this criminal entity. The message should be crystal clear: this is a day that will mark a new chapter in the path of resistance, victory, and retribution for the oppressed against the oppressor.

According to Hezbollah, this horrific crime stains the conscience of humanity and is a continuation of the massacres that preceded it since the establishment of this criminal usurping entity, including Deir Yassin, Hula, Sabra, and Shatila, as well as the massacres of Qana and others over the years of the odious occupation. These crimes reveal the true criminal face of this entity, and its sponsor is Satan, the world’s biggest felon (the US of America), which bears direct and full responsibility for this massacre and all the crimes committed by the Zionist enemy.

Hezbollah’s statement emphasized that public statements of condemnation and denunciation are no longer sufficient, and they urged the people of our Arab and Islamic nation to act immediately by taking to the streets and squares to express their intense rage and pressure governments and states, wherever they may be, as well as international and regional organizations, to act swiftly to stop the massacres and genocide of the oppressed Palestinian people and to halt the forced displacement under the weight of massacres, terrorism, and murder.

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