An Israeli entity targets a cancer hospital in central Gaza

The Israeli occupation entity targeted the Friendship Turkish Hospital for cancer patients in the Gaza Strip on Monday evening.

Gaza / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Activists on social media circulated video footage showing the aftermath of the Israeli bombardment of the hospital, causing extensive damage. A complete section of the hospital was evacuated after the targeted attack.

The General Director of the Friendship Turkish Hospital stated that “Israeli warplanes repeatedly targeted the vicinity of the hospital in the past few days, resulting in the destruction of large parts of it.”

He explained that “the Israeli occupation not only increased the suffering and pain of cancer patients by depriving them of medications and travel for treatment abroad but also put their lives at risk by targeting the hospital’s surroundings.”

Previously, the Israeli entity committed a massacre that claimed the lives of hundreds of martyrs and wounded by directly targeting the Al-Muamdani Hospital. As a result of the ongoing hysterical bombardment since the 7th of October, approximately 8,005 citizens were martyred and over 19,000 were injured.

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