The Coalition constitutes an emergency operations room for escalation in Yemen in defense of Israel

Military sources reported “Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni” on Monday about arrangements made by factions loyal to the Saudi-Emirati coalition for military escalation on multiple fronts with direct American support.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to the sources, an emergency operations room has been established, led by Saghir Bin Aziz, the Chief of Staff of the army loyal to the coalition, with participation from Tariq Saleh’s forces and Al-Islah forces in Marib and Taiz, as well as the military formations and factions on the border fronts adjacent to Hajjah”. Its operations are overseen by American advisors and Emirati and Saudi officers.

It was emphasized that the new variable in the expected escalation is that the Saudi side has not decided to participate with its air force until now due to fears of retaliatory strikes by the Sana’a forces in response to its intervention.

The Americans are exerting pressure on the Saudis to authorize intervention at a particular point in the escalation, specifically when the forces make significant progress that can be built upon for a prolonged battle—another point the sources brought up. They are providing reassurances to “Bin Aziz” and the Yemeni military leaders of their direct intervention if necessary.

The source claims that every military formation participating in the battle has made up its mind regarding whether or not to participate, with the exception of the Al-Islah Party’s military formations in Taiz, who have voiced their distaste for a new escalation whose motives are ambiguous and could have unpredictable results if the Air Forces choose not to participate.

Following his return from a visit to America, where he met with Pentagon commanders to coordinate a battle to restrain the Houthis and encircle them, Saghir Bin Aziz held extensive meetings with the leaders of his military units and formations loyal to the coalition.

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