Israeli National Security Studies: Houthis are a source of nuisance to us, response to them requires coordination with Saudi Arabia

The Houthis, according to the Institute for National Security Studies in the occupation entity, are a source of irritation for Israel, and there is little that can be done to deter their attacks.

Exclusive / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The institute clarified that despite the distance between Yemen and the Israeli entity preventing it major harm to Israel, this also limits the entity’s capabilities and, at the same time, will encourage the “Houthis” to find other ways of working where the damage inflicted on Israel would be greater.

Yoel Guzansky and Sima Shine, the institute’s experts, prepared a study that pointed out that any Israeli response of any kind would require prior consultation and coordination not only with the US, which has reiterated that it does not want to expand the circle of fighting, but also with other regional partners led by the UAE and Saudi Arabia, who do not want the campaign to expand and infiltrate into their lands.

According to the institute, Saudi Arabia and the UAE faced difficulty during a war that lasted about seven years in confronting Houthi attacks on them, despite their geographical proximity to Yemen, the cooperation they received from other parties in Yemen, and even US and Western aid provided to them for some time.

A major military response could lead to a renewal of the Saudi-Yemeni war or even a wider regional outbreak, the institute noted, adding that Israel will find it challenging to find punishment that deters the Houthis from continuing their attacks, given the geographic distance and complexity of the Yemeni arena.

The institute advised the entity’s government to direct attention and resources, especially air and naval, to defensive efforts in the Red Sea arena.

Sana’a has so far carried out five operations targeting deep inside the entity, prompting it to impose strict military censorship on publishing information about the last two operations due to its complete failure to confront them.

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