Hezbollah continues to target Israeli occupation barracks with missile weapons

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon announced on Saturday that it targeted the Baranit barracks and the Samaqa site with missile weapons, as well as an enemy infantry gathering in the vicinity of Roueissat Al-Aasi and the Baghdadi site with appropriate weapons. This comes as part of the continued support for the Palestinian resistance.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Islamic Resistance clarified that it also targeted the maritime Naqoura site with appropriate weapons, achieving a direct hit. Additionally, they targeted a gathering of Israeli enemy soldiers in the vicinity of the Al-Metulla site with appropriate weapons, resulting in a direct hit.

The War Media Division, affiliated with the Islamic Resistance Movement in Lebanon, Hezbollah, earlier released footage of the targeting operation of the “Mitat” barrack belonging to the Israeli enemy army on the Lebanese border. The footage broadcast by Hezbollah showed the destruction of the Israeli military barrack.

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