Shipping companies vacate their relationship with Israel to cross Bab Al-Mandeb

International shipping companies’ decision to resume operations across the Red Sea in exchange for the evacuation of their relationship with Israel was a major slap to Israeli occupation forces on Thursday.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In response to Yemeni directives regarding the necessity of opening the identifiers of ships crossing Yemeni lanes, navigation websites showed a cargo ship crossing Bab Al-Mandeb during the last hours after placing the slogan “It has nothing to do with Israel” on its identifier.

The ship, named “Xin He Lu-1,” had previously been associated with the Israeli company “ZIM” but was allowed to pass without interception.

Experts consider this step to be in compliance with the directives of the Yemeni navy and a moral insult to the Israeli occupation and America, particularly since it comes following the failure of the new American coalition to secure the transit of ships to and from Israeli ports.

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