Exodus of residents and economic paralysis… Eilat is stricken

Israel confirmed on Thursday a complete collapse in the situation in the most important settlement on the Red Sea, “Eilat.”

This comes at a time when Yemen continues its aerial attacks and naval blockade.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to Hebrew media sources, the population has decreased by more than half, with only around 30,000 remaining in a city that previously housed around 70,000 residents.

The Hebrew website “Walla” described the situation there as “dying in pain,” and it is expected that around 15,000 hotel employees will be laid off.

The mayor of Eilat, Eli Lankri, confirmed an unprecedented collapse in the situation. In a report presented to the Knesset, he demanded compensations for the settlers. He stated that the unemployment rate has exceeded 60%, with sales dropping by about 35% and spending via credit cards decreasing by approximately 40%.

Lankri also predicted the deportation of refugees who were accommodated in the city’s tourist hotels, as his administration is unable to meet their needs. He mentioned the closure of about 20 hotels and the bankruptcy of around 80% of the tourism companies.

Unprecedented aerial attacks on Eilat have occurred in recent weeks, concomitant with a naval blockade imposed by Sana’a forces in support of Gaza that keeps ships from reaching its ports.

The developments in the city portray another image of the extent of damage inflicted on the occupation as its aggression against Gaza continues.

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