Escalation of Iraqi operations and US pressures on the government

The pace of military operations by the Iraqi resistance against the American occupation escalated on Thursday, indicating a shift in the confrontation with the occupation as the official cover for its presence is lifted.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Iraqi resistance factions launched two new attacks, one targeting a base in Erbil, northern Iraq, and another targeting the Kuniko base in the Al-Zor field, eastern Syria.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense admitted that the operations against its forces in Iraq and Syria, which are espoused by the Iraqi resistance, have escalated.

Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder confirmed the occurrence of around nine operations in the past few days out of a total of 127 attacks targeting bases in Iraq and Syria.

The revelation by US Defense comes as the Iraqi government announced its intention, unveiling the American presence in Iraq.

The Prime Minister, in a press statement, expressed his government’s desire for a swift and organized withdrawal of US forces from Iraq.

The Iraqi official’s statement coincided with American and Western pressures to keep foreign forces in exchange for economic privileges.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister met with ambassadors from the countries known as the Economic Contact Group for Iraq.

The meeting coincided with a reduction in American statements regarding the withdrawal of foreign forces.

Politico quoted a Pentagon official describing the statements of the Iraqi Prime Minister as attempts to appease political parties, referring to the dissatisfied Iraqi factions due to repeated attacks on Iraq.

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