Yemenis respond to the Security Council resolution in two words: under our feet

While the US was counting on the Security Council’s decision to condemn the Yemeni operations in support of Palestine in the Red Sea to limit these operations, the Yemeni street affirmed that this resolution would not change anything, and that Sana’a did not yield to any external pressure in its principled and steadfast positions.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Activists on social media used the hashtag #Security_ Council_Resolution_Under_Our_Feet,” pointing out that the Council, which failed to deliver a bottle of water to the besieged Gaza, is a Council that is subservient to America and can’t prevent the Yemenis from their principled position.

The Security Council adopted a resolution condemning Yemeni operations supporting Palestine and giving the green light to attack Yemen under the pretext of the right of states to protect their ships.

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