Sana’a responds to the Security Council resolution

Sana’a officials confirmed that military operations against ships bound for Israel are still ongoing, and they are determined to keep responding to the American targeting of naval forces two weeks ago.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Hussein Al-Azzi, Deputy Foreign Minister in Sana’a, stated that the Security Council resolution is a historical disgrace, as it condemns Sana’a for merely attempting to pressure the cessation of heinous massacres against a noble people who were being exterminated in full view of the world.

In addition to stressing readiness to endure hardships and horrors for the sake of moral duty, Al-Azzi said, “Our operations will persist despite all the killers.”

On his part, Hizam Al-Assad, a member of Ansar Allah’s Political Office, stated that the Security Council is concerned with achieving peace by compelling the Israeli entity and the US to halt the genocidal operations against our people in Gaza, noting that America has involved itself in the Red Sea and is attempting to implicate others.

Al-Assad affirmed that Washington will deeply regret its provocative practices in the Red and Arabian Seas, and everyone who becomes entangled with it will regret it.

He went on, “Yemeni naval forces’ operations do not target international navigation security or safety; rather, they are restricted to ships associated with the criminal Israeli entity. To protect the security and safety of waterways as well as the interests of all nations and peoples, we urge the nations of the globe to put pressure on Washington to withdraw its naval forces from the Red and Arabian Seas.”

Al-Assad warned against the accompaniment of American battleships with Israeli ships, stressing that it constitutes a hostile act that requires our naval forces to confront it.

He said, “Our armed forces are committed to supporting our people in Gaza, who are facing a genocidal war and suffocating blockade. We will continue to prevent the passage of Israeli ships or those associated with the enemy entity. The revenge for the blood of our naval forces’ martyrs will continue unless Washington hastens to hand over the killers to the Yemeni judiciary. What happened to its ships yesterday is just the beginning of the response, and great torment is coming, God willing.”

Al-Assad emphasized that “the key to the solution isn’t to shift attention towards the Red Sea, but rather lies in halting the aggression and lifting the siege on our people in Gaza.

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