Significant development in recent Red Sea confrontations

Yemeni operations in the Red Sea witnessed a shift in the course of the confrontation with the Israel Protection Alliance on Wednesday.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The recent confrontations were limited to purely military battleships, in contrast to previous operations adopted by Sana’a, which were mainly focused on targeting ships associated with Israel.

The recent attack, carried out with a significant number of drones and ballistic missiles, targeted American battleships. The US and British defense authorities confirmed the participation of around five battleships in the confrontation, according to the assertions of Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesman for the Sana’a forces.

In confirmation of the above, navigational websites showed disruptions in the movement of cargo ships during the confrontation, while the area that witnessed the attack was devoid of cargo ships. It was portrayed by the US and British Ministries of Defense as being under attack, and its battleships were on a mission to defend them.

These developments reveal a shift in the course of Yemen’s operations in the Red Sea, aiming to end the entire American and foreign presence in the region. Several messages to the West bear out the dangers of any escalation in the region, as it could turn the Red Sea, a vital artery for the global economy, into a vast battlefield.

While Sana’a may have framed its recent operation as a response to previous American attacks on its boats, resulting in the martyrdom of ten sailors, the timing indicates that the operation will have regional and international repercussions, especially as it coincides with America’s attempt to rally support for a new aggression against Yemen and secure international cover for its legitimacy, which may prompt several major countries to reassess their stance, as supporting the American move aims to militarize the sea and cut off one of the most important maritime supply lines.

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