Continued missile strikes on a U.S. base in Syria

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced on Wednesday its renewed targeting of the American base in the “Koniko gas field” in the countryside of “DEIR EZZOR,” eastern Syria, with a missile barrage in response to the American-backed Zionist crimes in Gaza.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In the same context, the resistance had previously announced two days ago that it had targeted the “Al-Rmeilan” American base in Syria with drones. Since October 17th, the number of attacks that targeted U.S. forces in both Iraqi and Syrian territories have exceeded 120.

Media sources confirmed that the U.S. base in the “Al-Omar oil field” in eastern “DEIR EZZOR” was bombed with 30 missiles from within Syrian territory, achieving a direct hit.

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