Saudi military parade in the Red Sea

Saudi Arabia has commenced a new military parade in the Red Sea, reaffirming its engagement in the alliance to protect Israel amid indications of a new escalation in the region.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Saudi television channels dedicated time to showcasing the capabilities of the American aircraft carrier “Eisenhower,” which is stationed off the Saudi coast in the southern Red Sea.

The most prominent of these channels is Al-Arabiya and AL-HADATH, which published video clips from aboard the Eisenhower, showing an unprecedented activity of warplanes and helicopters as it carried out reconnaissance operations in the Red Sea.

AL-HADATH cited American sources stating that these movements are part of the preparedness for zero hour, referring to arrangements for a new attack on Yemen.

These developments coincide with Western reports revealing Saudi Arabia’s support for an attack on Yemen, following its opposition in recent weeks to the U.S. Defense Secretary’s announcement from Israel regarding the formation of an alliance to protect it in the Red Sea.

It also coincides with new British and American threats to Sana’a in an attempt to pressure it to cease its attacks on ships associated with Israel.

The latest of these threats came from the U.S. Secretary of State, who threatened “consequences” during his visit to the UAE, just before arriving in Saudi Arabia, in the event of any new operations in the Red Sea.

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