Britain confirms the second American ship hit in Yemen

On Monday, Britain confirmed that an American ship suffered significant damage as a result of being targeted in Yemen.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

An oil tanker owned by the US and flying the Marshall Islands flag was hit by a missile close to the port of Aden, according to the maritime security firm “Embry.”

Al Jazeera channel quoted sources in Sana’a confirming the ship’s targeting after it refused to follow the instructions.

This American ship is the second to be targeted in Yemen within 24 hours. The US Central Command had previously admitted the targeting of the battleship “Laboon” and hinted in a statement at its hit and the decision to withdraw it from the southern Red Sea, despite claiming to have intercepted the missile.

These operations reveal a notable escalation in Yemen’s retaliatory response, which has vowed to target all American and British interests in response to the recent attacks on Yemeni provinces and naval boats in the Red Sea.

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