Video| Million-man demonstrations sweep Yemeni provinces in affirmation of support for military operations by the army and solidarity with Gaza

Under the slogan “Steadfast with Palestine… America is the mother of Terrorism,” several Yemeni provinces witnessed massive popular marches on Friday in support of the army’s operations against the American-British aggression and in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Follow ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The demonstrators chanted angry slogans against the American-British aggression on Yemen and against the Israeli occupation entity on the Gaza Strip. The slogans carried messages emphasizing readiness to confront the enemy.

The statement issued by the mass marches reaffirmed the Yemeni Republic’s unwavering, principled, and unified stance towards the Palestinian issue. It stated that the blockade of Israeli, American, and British ships heading to the occupied Palestinian ports will remain firm and unwavering.

The statement issued by the demonstrations that gathered in the provinces of Yemen asserted the importance of continuing popular and official activities, mobilization for jihad, and military operations without fatigue or weariness until the aggression on Gaza ceases.

The statement emphasized that the American-British aggression will not weaken the determination of Yemenis nor deter them from supporting the Palestinians, but rather it will strengthen their belief and steadfastness in the principled and faith-based stance of supporting the Palestinian cause.

It considered the American-British aggression against Yemen a violation of all laws and a targeting of the entire Yemeni people. It stated that such a violation would not pass without response.

The million-man crowd expressed their support for the military operations carried out by the armed forces in targeting Israeli, American, and British ships and their continued prevention from crossing the Red and Arabian Seas and the Gulf of Aden.

The statement called upon the rest of the Arab and Islamic peoples to take a stance against the Zionist Jewish lobby’s crimes and deadly siege against our brothers in Palestine and to act to break the barrier of fear, silence, and submission imposed by puppet and complicit regimes with the American and Israeli enemy.

It affirmed that the decisions launched by America to classify whomever it wants on the terrorist list serve the Zionist enemy will not have any impact on Yemeni reality.

The masses emphasized the continuity of the Yemeni people to jihadi mobilization, training, and qualification of fighters, as well as the development of military capabilities commensurate with the ongoing battle.

The statement concluded with a call to the free people of the world to continue seriously boycotting American and Israeli goods, as well as the companies that support them, and to expand the scope of economic boycott at all levels.

The demonstrations gathered in the capital, Sana’a, and the provinces of Sa’ada, Hudaydah, Amran, Hadramout, Marib, Al-Jawf, Dhamar, Al-Bayda, Ibb, Al-Mahwit, and Raymah. Several other cities also witnessed protest stands.

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