Sana’a: Any country that participates in the aggression against Yemen will be met with a response, and America has no role except to protect the occupation

Mohammed Abdul Salam, the head of the Sana’a delegation in political negotiations, stated today, Friday, that Sana’a forces will continue their military operations to retaliate against the aggression carried out by the US and Britain on Yemen, considering it an unjustified aggression.

Agencies – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Abdul Salam affirmed that Sana’a forces were only targeting Israeli ships or those heading to the occupation entity, considering it a “natural right for Yemen in the international regional waters.”

He pointed out that the involvement of the US has escalated the events in the region, that the American strikes are exaggerated, and that the American position plays the role of the guardian and protector of the Israeli occupation entity.

Abdul Salam reiterated that Sana’a does not seek escalation, saying, “We do not want the escalation to expand… We have imposed rules of engagement that put pressure only on the occupation entity and have not caused any harm to any country in the world.”

He viewed the position of the regional countries regarding the army’s operations in the Red Sea, which called for stability and expressed their denunciation of the escalation, as positive and supportive of avoiding the expansion of the conflict.

Abdul Salam continued, “We believe that as long as Saudi Arabia and the UAE adhere to this principle, they will be out of this conflict, as long as they do not participate with America or support any attack, we do not find any justification for taking any action against them.”

He called on the regional countries to have a stance rejecting the militarization of the Red Sea or the presence of military forces within the region, considering this target everyone.

He explained that the coalition came from the West to the region, and no riparian country participated in it, indicating that it was a threat to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, and the regional countries.

Abdul Salam emphasized Sana’a’s commitment to its position, which seeks to preserve security and stability in the region, and reiterated that the response “will only target the American and British.”

He commented on Bahrain’s participation in the American aggression, saying, “We believe that Bahrain, as a system or as a participant, has no significant role… and in the event of any response, it will only target those bases used by the Americans in Bahrain.”

Abdul Salam also pointed out that there is positive communication with the brothers in Saudi Arabia and the truce is permanent and ongoing, and we continue efforts in this direction, and that the truce project with Saudi Arabia is still ongoing.

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