America begins ground movement in Western Yemen

On Monday, the US has commenced movements along the western coast of Yemen.

This coincides with the American media revealing an agreement regarding the launch of a large-scale operation.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Sources within Tariq Saleh’s forces, the nephew of the former president and commander of pro-Emirati factions on the western coast, have uncovered the behind-the-scenes details of a communication with the American ambassador, Stephen Vagen.

The visual communication, according to the sources, dealt with arrangements for an American-backed military operation that would encircle Yemen’s western coast to reduce the targeting of ships associated with Israel.

The American directives included conducting reconnaissance and monitoring operations of locations and gatherings of what they described as “Houthis,” specifically in the city of Hudaydah.

According to the sources, America seeks to expand the spread of its loyal factions in order to reduce the risks of them targeting ships in the southern Red Sea.

Media outlets affiliated with Tariq Saleh reported that the communication focused on discussing the military developments in the southern Red Sea and ways to halt what they referred to as “Houthi” military operations.

The ambassador’s communication with Tariq Saleh comes on the eve of The Washington Post’s revelation of an agreement between the Biden administration and defense officials to launch a large-scale military operation in Yemen.

The newspaper indicated that the new plans come after about 10 days of raids and missile bombing, which failed to stop Yemen’s attacks against ships associated with Israel, noting that the recent decision to expand the military operation comes despite disagreements within the American administration regarding the future of the political process in Yemen and the possibility of tearing Yemen and dragging Washington into another unpredictable conflict in the region.

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