Western-American concerns over the expansion of Yemeni operations, Sana’a reveals de-escalation

On Monday, America and the West revealed escalating concerns regarding the expansion of Yemeni military operations against foreign presence in the region.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The American website “Politico” quoted US officials as saying that US intelligence has expressed concerns about the expansion of what they described as “Houthis” attacks in the region, claiming their efforts to acquire advanced weapons for this purpose.

The US leak coincided with Western media outlets talking about the possibility of Yemen launching operations against American and foreign bases in Djibouti and Gulf countries.

These media outlets, citing intelligence sources, indicated that any US-British escalation could lead the region into an unidentified tunnel.

On the other hand, Sana’a confirmed its intention to expand military operations already, and Deputy Foreign Minister in the Salvation Government, Hussein Al-Azzi, threatened to include American and British ships on the targeting list in the Red Sea if Sana’a sensed an American escalation, considering this step as self-defense and a legal right as it is a country of the strait.

Al-Azzi pointed out in a post on his official social media page that not including US-British ships is part of the desire to de-escalate in the Red Sea.

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