Britain returns to the negotiating table with the “Houthis” with a new proposal

Britain announced on Tuesday its return to the negotiating table with Sana’a. This comes after receiving strong setbacks during its military escalation attempts.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron began a tour in the Sultanate of Oman today, where the Sana’a negotiating delegation is staying.

The British Foreign Office stated in a statement that Cameron will meet with his Omani counterpart Badr Al-Busaidi during the new visit to discuss ways to reduce tension in the region, confirming that attacks in the Red Sea will be among the main topics.

The statement indicated that Cameron would present a proposal that includes the United Kingdom’s commitment to delivering what it described as aid to Yemen.

Cameron’s visit coincided with a new statement by the British Defense Minister, urging Iran to play a role in Yemen to halt the attacks.

These moves come after weeks of escalation in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, with Sana’a’s decision to add British ships and battleships to its list of targets in operations that targeted the giant oil ship “Marlin Lunda” and the battleship “HMS Diamond.”

Sana’a’s recent actions come in response to repeated British attacks on Yemeni cities, including the most recent ones a few days ago.

The British move indicates London’s conviction of the futility of military escalation against Yemen, especially in light of the British Ministry of Defense’s acknowledgment of its unpreparedness to engage in a ground battle or even carry out missile strikes on Yemeni sites.

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