Yemen expands its maritime target list

For the first time since November, Yemen expanded its maritime target list today, Wednesday.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, revealed in a statement today the addition of American and British ships and battleships to the list of targets. This comes in response to the war and blockade on Gaza, ever since Sana’a began implementing its decision to ban Israeli navigation.

Brigadier General affirmed that all American and British ships in the Red and Arabian Seas are now within the range of Yemeni naval forces and included among their targets. He considered targeting it within the legitimate right to defend the country and as a confirmation of continued support for the Palestinian people.

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces commented on the targeting of the American destroyer USS Gravely in the latest Yemeni operation in the Red Sea.

The targeting of Gravely comes after a series of attacks on American and British battleships and ships in the Red and Arabian Seas and the Gulf of Aden, which escalated following the start of the American-British aggression against Yemen on January 11th.

Brigadier General Saree’s announcement indicates the decision of Sana’a, which engaged in clashes with American and British battleships in the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait earlier this week for the first time, to expand its naval operations in the coming days.

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