The first American response to Yemen’s inclusion of its ships in the list of targets

The US expressed concerns on Wednesday about the repercussions of Yemen’s decision to include American ships to its military target list.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

This move will pose escalating risks to food and fuel prices, according to J.P. Morgan, the largest American investment bank.

In a research memorandum, the bank indicated that the escalation in the Red Sea could increase the cost of purchasing and transporting fertilizers through the Cape of Good Hope, leading to higher commodity prices and an immediate impact on supply chains.

The American warning about the consequences of tension in the Red Sea comes on the eve of Sana’a’s announcement of adding American ships and battleships to its target list as part of its strategy to respond to the recent aggression and support the Palestinian people, according to the latest statement by the spokesman for the Armed Forces.

The Red Sea represents a vital supply route currently between America and the East Asian market, especially with the drought affecting the Panama Canal, which used to serve as a major passage for America to exchange trade with Asian countries.

In recent months, American and British ships have been passing smoothly until America decided to escalate its aggression against Yemen as part of its efforts to break the Yemeni blockade on Israel, leading to Yemen’s decision to confront the new aggression.

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