Withdrawal of the American Aircraft Carrier from the Red Sea

The US announced on Wednesday the withdrawal of its aircraft carrier from the Red Sea, coinciding with Yemen’s announcement of expanding its maritime target list.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British Ministry of Defense reported that the US is preparing to withdraw the aircraft carrier “USS Eisenhower,” which is currently stationed in the southern Red Sea.

British Deputy Defense Minister James Heappey stated that his country is considering an American offer to replace the Eisenhower with a British aircraft carrier.

Heappey did not reveal the motives for America’s decision to withdraw its only remaining aircraft carrier in the Middle East.

The British announcement of the US decision to withdraw the aircraft carrier coincided with the Yemeni Armed Forces’ announcement of expanding its maritime target list, including American and British battleships and ships.

This is the first time Sana’a has announced such a move since the clashes with American and British battleships last November.

The timing of the US move indicates concerns that Yemeni operations may target the aircraft carrier, given the failure of the defensive systems to protect US forces in the Middle East.

The Eisenhower is one of the two aircraft carriers deployed by America in the Middle East following the launch of the Palestinian resistance the operation of “Al-Aqsa Flood” and Washington’s fears of the confrontation widening regionally.

Washington previously withdrew the USS Ford from the Mediterranean, despite not achieving the objectives for which it was deployed, which aimed to prevent the expansion of the confrontation with the Israeli occupation.

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