Emirati Emergency in Shabwah with Saudi Arabia’s Decision to Deploy Three Brigades from Islah

UAE began on Tuesday, an unprecedented alert in the oil and gas-rich Shabwah province in eastern Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

This comes on the eve of new Saudi arrangements to redeploy Islah factions under a new name, which reflects Abu Dhabi’s fear from the fall of its most important gains.

Emirati-funded media devoted a large space to shed light on what Shabwah is currently witnessing. Websites and channels published Flashs, described the Brotherhood’s arrangements to overthrow Shabwah in cooperation with “Houthis” as they described. Citing the return of “Houthis” to Bayhan, in coordination with the “Brotherhood.”

Those means, most notably the official channel of the Transitional Council, warned of the repercussions on attempts to overthrow Shabwah. Last week, the Transitional Council’s factions began deploying in Ataq, the administrative center of the oil province that the Transitional Council recently took control of, with Emirati support, after expelling Islah factions.

The current developments coincide with Saudi Arabia’s intensification of holding meetings for the factions affiliated with Islah Party.

Media sources reported that a meeting was attended by the leaders of Islah factions in the 21st Brigade, Mika Jahdal Hanash, and the former commander of the Special Security Forces, Abd Rabbo Lakab, and the commander of the second coastal defense brigade. Likewise, the patrol police commander and others approved the unification of these factions into three new brigades under the name “Shield of the Nation.”

The new brigades will be deployed in Ataq.

The meeting came after a meeting that brought together these leaders with Rashad al-Alimi, head of the pro-coalition Presidential Council Authority, in southern Yemen.

The move, which Saudi Arabia strongly supports, would end the influence of UAE and its pro-factions as part of a strategy to take over Yemen’s oil crescent.

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