Newsweek: US strikes in Yemen failed as a strategy of deterrence and coercion

Newsweek, the American newspaper, stated today that, despite the strength of the US intelligence community, it does not have a complete picture of the storage and production locations of military equipment in Yemen.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The newspaper referred to the statements of the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, “the Houthis,” who said, “Neither threats nor missiles nor pressure will change our stance towards the Palestinian issue,” reaffirming that the strikes in the Red Sea will continue as long as aid is prohibited from entering Gaza. This position has not changed even a bit.

It was based on one of the questions asked to US President Joe Biden on January 18 regarding whether the ongoing US military strikes against the Houthis work to keep shipping lanes in the Red Sea open.

Biden responded, “Well, when you say, ‘they’re working,’ are they stopping the Houthis? No. Will they continue? Yes.”

The newspaper clarified that Biden’s responses are an admission that the strikes have not achieved the intended impact and that they proved ineffective and increased regional escalation.

It considered this a condemnation of US policy in general and a shining example of the way political decision-makers in the US often rely on emotional motives rather than cold calculations.

It affirmed that the US strikes in Yemen have failed to achieve anything beyond tactics, and the Houthis have shown no willingness whatsoever to change their policy.

It added, “The US strikes have not only failed as a strategy of deterrence but also as a strategy of coercion: forcing the other party to influence the decision-making process in favor of a settlement.”

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