This is how the story began

A group of people is exposed to oppression and persecution in Europe, specifically in Germany. The circle of World War II expands and ends with the defeat of Nazism, which persecuted this group of people who are linked by ideology.
Before this date, most European countries had sought to find a homeland for those people, since Europe occupied most of the countries of the world at that time.

From Latin America,Asia to Africa, the decision settled in a place that connects the three continents of the world, Asia, Africa, and Europe, in addition to the ideological incentive that makes most “Ideological people” immigrate there simply, “Jerusalem.”
The migration of extremist Jews “Ideological people” to Palestine began at the beginning of the last century, specifically after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
With Britain’s control on the land “Palestine”, the organized form of immigration and settlement of new immigrants began, especially after the Balfour Declaration, “according to which Britain granted what it didn’t have, to those who didn’t deserve it” .
The new “previously persecuted” immigrants came to a land that wasn’t theirs and began the journey of settlement, “expelling the peasants and villagers who owned the land and occupying it. Not only that, but they practiced the worst things imaginable. They are still feeling anger and hatred as a result of what they were exposed to in Germany and Europe.
This was reflected in the Palestinians – the owners of the land – and these savages began a revenge project against the simple farmers. They not only committed brutal massacres against civilian farmers, but also raped the women, killed them along with their children, and burned some of them alive until 1948, that is, 3 years after the end of the WW II led the United Nations to announce, in a shameful manner, exploiting its legitimacy, the establishment of a state called “Israel” for the Jews on the map of Palestine, , and no one described the shape of this state or its borders.
From that date until today, this Israeli began to commit his routine massacres. The world legislated for him what he does, in addition to persecuting the Palestinians on a daily basis and throwing them in prisons without charges or trials, just to take revenge from Nazism by practicing it on the Palestinians.
So when the Palestinians shouts, those “those monsters coming from the defeats of history” describes them as “An anti-Semite”, if they raises a stones in the face of them tanks, they call them a terrorists.
So with the world’s blessing, Palestinians are killed in front of the camera lenses, so the international community applauds this heroic act carried out by this “oppressed” Zionist.
They built settlements and cities, merged their militias into one army, and began building walls that isolated them from the owners of the land in a clear apartheid that contradicts all the laws enacted by those who legislated for them a state without borders.
Recently, the owners of the land began to express the extent of their pain by the way that the occupation understand that, So the world leaders stood in their faces and described them as terrorists. Not only that, but they went beyond that legitimizing the killing of more than 5,000 children in five weeks and more than 10,000 men and women at the same time.
With the uproar raised by social media activists and their annoyance at what is happening to innocent Palestinian children, the leaders of the international community seemed indifferent to that reaction. Meanwhile, the Zionist lobby moved to silence mouths with its dirty ways to cover up its crimes, so it withdrew the term “anti-Semitism” from its archives and began throwing it against those activists. Anyone who speaks, even if he doesn’t allude to Israel, and they attack heads of state, government officials, activists, states, and media outlets, especially those that do not support them, and they stop whatever supporters of those media they can, and the matter reached a long list of employees who lost their jobs. Just a word on social media they said it.

This is Israel in the simplest form you can see, and the evidence is many, and this international community that created a homeland for the Jews and this United Nations that legitimized its existence on a land that is not its Zionists and which we still trust to this day. Look how he deceived us all and allowed the “oppressed” Zionist to heals his heart from Hitler’s Nazi by turning him into a new Nazi who would kill a thousand children in three days, while they gathered after that massacre to give him the opportunity to kill more children “Defending himself”.

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