What Are Results of Sana’a Battle with Saudi Coalition at the End of Eighth Year

The spokesman of the Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said on Sunday that the coalition and its tools bet at the beginning of the war on Yemen “on the American-Western support.” Whereas, “Yemenis bet on God Almighty and his support and victory for them over the enemies.”

Brigadier General Saree indicated in a press conference that whoever asks after eight years of war about the results of the battle should “go back to its early days and see the goals of the “aggression – the size of the aggression – the capabilities of the aggression”….

In return, learns about the capabilities of our great people.” In reference to the objectives of Decisive Storm Operation, which was announced by the coalition from Washington and was ostensibly aimed at restoring “legitimacy” to the capital, Sana’a, and eliminating “Houthis,” in addition to other declared and unannounced goals.

The Saudi-Emirati coalition, along with about 17 countries, launched their war on Yemen on March 26, 2015, with enormous military capabilities and extensive American intelligence support, with the aim of reducing the influence of Sana’a, while the result today in the eighth year seems different from the image that the coalition imagined at the beginning of the war,

as it possesses advanced military technologies, in addition to controlling vast areas that were not in its hands at the beginning of the war.

A spokesman of Sana’a forces confirmed “despite the great difference in capabilities and weapons, our armed forces were able, with God’s help, to stand firm, along with our dear people.” and with the support of God, it fought the battle with steadfastness and defiance, and was able to thwart the Saudi coalition from achieving its declared and undeclared goals.”

More than 274,302 air raids launched by the coalition over eight years could not achieve their goals, except that they killed and injured tens of thousands of civilians and destroyed private and public objects, according to a Sana’a forces spokesman.

During the eight years of war, Sana’a forces were able to possess multiple and different missile systems, including ballistic and winged ones. Unlike what it had at the beginning of the war, Sana’a was able, through these systems, to carry out “1828 military operations.” of these, 1237 operations targeted enemy gatherings inside Yemeni territory.” and “589 missile operations targeted the enemy outside our geography, including operations in the depths of the Saudi and Emirati enemies,” according to Brigadier Saree’s conference.

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