Establishing air defense systems in the Gulf of Aden

The US and its allies in Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi have begun establishing air defense systems in the Gulf of Aden on Monday, in a step that indicates a move to withdraw the American and British battleships that are constantly subjected to almost daily attacks.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to high-ranking military sources in the Ministry of Defense in Aden, the Emirati and American forces have been establishing air defense systems, including the Patriot and the occupation’s Iron Dome, as well as early warning radar devices, for days.

These systems are being established on Abd Al-Kuri Island, which is close to the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait.

The establishment of these systems is considered part of plans to secure navigation for Israel, led by the US and Britain, currently in the Red and Arabian Seas, in addition to the Gulf of Aden.

The revelation of the American Emirati steps comes on the eve of an electronic platform revealing suspicious Emirati movements on the island, including the transfer of a large quantity of military equipment to the abandoned island.

In addition to Socotra Island, which is utilized by Israeli, American, and Emirati forces as an advanced base in the Arabian Sea, the platform released satellite photographs captured by the “Planet” website, demonstrating the heavy activity of an Emirati cargo ship known as “Takreem” between Abu Dhabi and Abd Al-Kuri.

The images also show the construction of a maritime tongue extending for several miles to receive new shipments.

Emirati activity on the island has been ongoing for years as part of Abu Dhabi’s plans to control important shipping lanes in Yemen, but it has escalated significantly in recent days with the escalation of confrontations between Yemeni forces on one side and the American-British coalition on the other.

The US Department of Defense admitted in a previous statement that Yemeni missiles are now targeting the battleships it deployed in the region to secure ships to Israel.

US concerns have heightened with the increasing frequency of attacks on its battleships, particularly with Yemen announcing the entry of unmanned submarines into operations for the first time.

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