Ten new American airstrikes on Yemen

The US-British aggression continued on Monday with its airstrikes on Al-Hudaydah Governorate in western Yemen, in response to Sana’a forces’ support for Palestinian resistance factions confronting the Israeli occupation for over 160 days.

Al-Hudaydah – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Media sources in Sana’a reported that US-British warplanes conducted 10 airstrikes on the Al-Faza and Al-Jabana areas in Al-Hudaydah Province. It was clarified that four airstrikes targeted the Al-Faza area in the Al-Tuhayta district, while six airstrikes targeted the Al-Jabana area.

The US-British coalition aims to dissuade Sana’a forces from launching naval attacks in support of Gaza. However, Sana’a affirms that it will respond to Zionist escalation by escalating its actions against ships associated with the entity in the Red and Arabian Seas and the Indian Ocean, as well as through direct bombardment of occupied Palestinian territories.

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