Including the evacuation of the Eisenhower… American measures in the Red Sea

The US announced several measures in the Red Sea on Tuesday, coinciding with the anticipation of further escalation.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The measures, announced by the Maritime Administration at the Ministry of Transport, include a call for US-flagged ships to avoid crossing the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait.

The administration stated in its statement that if those ships decide to cross, they must infiltrate by disabling their communication devices.

It also emphasized that these ships are now vulnerable to attacks by what it described as “enemies.”

This is the first time that America has advised its ships to avoid crossing the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait.

The move coincided with the American forces’ decision to reduce its forces aboard the aircraft carrier “Eisenhower.”

Reuters quoted US defense officials as saying that the evacuation of the Eisenhower was a precautionary measure against targeting by what they called the “Houthis.”

These actions come on the eve of the revelation by the British BBC channel of a broad missile attack on the battleship in the presence of its correspondent on board the renowned American carrier.

The channel indicated that the “Houthis” have been constantly targeting Eisenhower.

It also quoted the commander of the American naval group “Eisenhower,” confirming their engagement in an unprecedented battle in history and affirming that they are constantly under attack.

Deputy spokesman for the Yemeni forces, Brigadier General Abdulmalik bin Amer, confirmed in a tweet that the Yemeni forces have engaged in significant confrontations with American battleships in the past 48 hours.

These developments indicate growing American concern over a sudden change in the ongoing Yemeni operations since last November, especially in light of the announcement by the leadership in Sana’a to expand the scope of the confrontations in conjunction with reports of new “hypersonic” missiles.

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