A Western country sets a date for the withdrawal of its battleships from Yemen

On Thursday, a European country announced the date for the withdrawal of its battleships from the Red Sea. This comes amid escalating tensions and the involvement of international parties in the conflict.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Dutch Ministry of Defense stated in a statement that its frigate, “Z.R.MS.Tromp,” will end its deployment in the Red Sea within only 25 days. The Netherlands had previously announced the dispatch of the aforementioned frigate as part of the European Union mission, which deployed its fleet in February.

The Dutch Defense Ministry did not disclose the reason behind the decision to withdraw its sole battleship. However, the timing of this move indicates growing concerns about the possibility of expanding the scope of confrontations internationally, potentially turning the Red Sea into an arena of attrition for those countries whose battleships are already unable to confront the Yemeni attacks.

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