America reveals the “Houthi” strategy of targeting “Eisenhower” and expectations of “lethal” attacks

On Thursday, the US revealed a new strategy employed by the “Houthis” in targeting foreign battleships in the Red Sea.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The American Bloomberg Agency quoted officials aboard the aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” as saying that the “Houthis” have ceased using unmanned reconnaissance drones in operations against foreign battleships. Instead, they have resorted to low altitude firing over the water, considering this strategy to limit their detection.

The officials indicated that this shift was the main reason for using F/A-18 aircraft instead of interception missiles.

The agency reported an increase in concerns among foreign forces, especially American forces, regarding the possibility of Yemeni forces launching “lethal” attacks against foreign battleships. This development is considered to potentially prompt the US forces to activate a strategy of targeting Ansar Allah leaders.

The agency admitted that the US has incurred significant costs in countering Yemeni operations without achieving notable success.

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