Air alert to protect American aircraft carrier in the Red Sea

On Thursday, American aircraft have intensified their air sorties over Yemen, fearing of targeting the aircraft carrier stationed in the Red Sea, the “Eisenhower”.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Saudi channel “Al Hadath” published a video clip from its correspondent aboard the “Eisenhower,” confirming the carrier commander’s decision to intensify overflights for 16 hours a day.

During the channel’s special coverage from aboard the American battleship, the correspondent confirmed ongoing attacks by what he described as “Houthis” on American destroyers. He noted that the American forces are currently resorting to using F/A-18 fighters to counter the drones.

Yemeni forces have been engaging in a fierce war against foreign battleships, especially American and British, in the Red Sea since the aggression was launched on Yemeni cities in January. However, this is the first time that American forces have admitted intensifying their overflights from the “Eisenhower,” indicating escalating concerns of being targeted.

It is worth mentioning that senior leaders in Sana’a had previously indicated the discovery of the weak point of the American destroyer, indicating at a plan to target it.

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