A new attack on the occupation base, and America warns it of an earth-shattering response

Attacks on Israeli occupation bases continued on Wednesday for the second consecutive day.

This coincides with American anticipation of a painful Iranian response to the recent assault on its consulate in Syria.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Israeli media reported a sudden explosion at the “Ovda” Air Base in Wadi Araba, speculating that the explosion was the result of an unintercepted airstrike.

The “Ovda” base is the third base to be targeted since Monday, as several bases have been attacked by drones and ballistic missiles, some of which have been claimed by Iraqi resistance.

The escalation in targeting Israeli military bases comes at a time when American media revealed that the Biden administration has warned its main ally in the Middle East of Iranian arrangements for a response.

It quoted American officials as saying that the Iranian response would be earth-shattering and could occur within hours or possibly days.

Iranian media confirmed the decision of the National Security Council to deliver an appropriate response to the recent crime committed by the occupation, which targeted the consulate in Syria.

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