Coalition remnants kill a woman in Hajjah Province

On Tuesday, the remnants of the Saudi-Emirati coalition war continued to claim the lives of civilians in Hajjah Province and other Yemeni provinces.

Follow ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to security sources in Hajjah, a cluster bomb from the remnants of the coalition exploded, resulting in the death of a Yemeni woman in the Tashr area of Bakil Al-Mir district.

This crime occurred hours after another similar one in Marib province, where an explosion of an object from the coalition remnants resulted in the death of one citizen and the injury of another.

Reports indicate that dozens of civilian casualties have fallen “in the Sirwah district due to the remnants of the aggression, including bombs, missiles, and mines, during the past period,” according to the source.

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