Ansar Allah Leader: Our stance in support of Palestine is non-negotiable | Minbar Al-Quds

Ansar Allah leader Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi affirmed that “the Palestinian cause is the central issue of the nation, and the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people for decades is known worldwide, yet no parties have taken any action to stop this injustice and restore their rights, neither international institutions nor organizations such as the United Nations and the Security Council, or others. Instead, they have contributed to the continuation of the occupation and injustice.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The stance of Ansar Allah’s leader came in his speech on Wednesday during the mass celebration titled “Minbar Al-Quds,” organized by the International Committee for Reviving Jerusalem Day at the Resalat Hall in Al-Ghubairi Municipality.

In his speech, Ansar Allah’s leader pointed out that the only successful option to restore the rights of Palestinians is “Jihad for the sake of Allah Almighty.” This is the option on which the resistance movements in Palestine and the free people of the nation have acted. He stated that “any path based on compromise and relinquishing rights under the banner of peace negotiations, the two-state solution, and similar initiatives that have proven their complete failure, will not succeed.”

He further explained that this option has proved its effectiveness in Lebanon by defeating the Israeli enemy and its retreat in 2000, its defeat and retreat in 2006, as well as its retreat in three rounds in Gaza, and its shameful and scandalous failure in its current aggression, in which it commits crimes of genocide in Gaza for six months, has not been able to “end the resistance, recover prisoners, or achieve any image of victory, but rather a horrific image of criminality.”

Ansar Allah’s leader extended greetings to the “mujahideen brothers who have demonstrated unprecedented resilience, steadfastness, patience, and heroism in human history.”

He also saluted the capitals of the jihad and resistance axis, who gather in the events of “Minbar Al-Quds,” affirming that the Yemeni people “stand with all their capabilities and move officially and popularly to support the oppressed Palestinian people and the sanctities of the nation, particularly Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

He emphasized that the comprehensive stance of the Yemeni people, which “included military operations in the Red, Arabian Seas, and even the Indian Ocean,” has been manifested to the whole world, “in addition to missile strikes towards southern occupied Palestine to target enemy objectives,” referring to the integration of this effective and influential stance with “the fronts of jihad and resistance in Gaza, Lebanon, and Iraq within the framework of the resistance axis.”

Al-Houthi added that since the beginning of the “Flood of Al-Aqsa” battle, the Yemeni armed forces have been directed to support Palestine “with all that we can, and we continue to develop our missile and naval capabilities to make a greater contribution to supporting the Palestinian people and targeting the criminal usurping Israeli enemy.”

He condemned the significant negligence of “Muslims in standing with the Palestinian people, who are part of them, and towards their sanctities in Palestine.” He pointed out the recent collusion of some parties with the path of settling the Palestinian cause under the titles of normalization and the failed “Deal of the Century.”

He denounced the support of Western countries and governments, including the American role, which has become an actual partner with the Israeli enemy and a full partner in its crimes and aggression against the Palestinian people.

Al-Houthi considered it the religious, humanitarian, and moral duty of the nation, for its own interest and national security, “to move diligently and strive to support the Palestinian people and their mujahideen by all means. And to also realize that the Israeli enemy is an enemy to everyone.”

He pointed out that “the Palestinian people are fighting the battle of the entire nation… Otherwise, the Israeli enemy would have caused great harm to the rest of the Arab countries, especially the neighboring countries that were previously targeted by the Israeli aggression.”

He also extended greetings and appreciation to “the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and their patient defenders in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and to the free fighters in the West Bank,” stating that the Palestinian cause is his primary cause and “our people and our country, officially and popularly, will spare no effort in supporting you.” He mentioned that they carry the banner of jihad, fighting the battle of the promised conquest and holy jihad, confronting American and British aggression, and targeting the Israeli enemy. They prevent its crossing and navigation in the Red, Arabian Seas, and even Indian Ocean.

He concluded by saying that “our steadfastness in supporting the Palestinian people, as an integral part of our faith and our religious, humanitarian, and moral duty… is an uncompromising and non-negotiable stance. We will continue to integrate with our brothers on the resistance axis, work to develop the position, enhance cooperation, and improve performance and action until the promised victory is achieved, God willing.”

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