Second attack in the Red Sea within hours, US Command confirms failed interception

The Red Sea witnessed a new attack on Saturday, marking the second attack within 24 hours.

This coincided with American confirmation of the failure to intercept the maritime attacks by those described as “Houthis.”

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British maritime security company “Ambry” reported an attack taking place 61 nautical miles southwest of the city of Hudaydah.

The nature of the attack or the targeted vessel has not been specified by the company.

This attack is the second one recognized by the British and US navies since Friday.

The US Central Command stated in a statement published on its official social media accounts on Friday evening that the coalition battleships and vessels were subjected to ballistic missile attacks.

The American statement claimed that a missile was targeted in “Houthi” areas, while no casualties were reported among the coalition ships and military battleships, indicating the failure to intercept the missile attacks.

These new operations are part of an ongoing scenario since Yemen’s decision to ban Israeli navigation in November last year, escalating with the intervention of US and British forces in January.

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