Within 24 hours, Britain confirms the second naval operation by Yemen, and America reveals the details of a third operation

The naval operations in Yemen continued on Monday at a high pace.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British Navy confirmed that Yemeni forces carried out the second operation within hours.

The British Maritime Trade Operations organization stated in a statement that a ship linked to Israel was attacked off the western coast of Yemen, confirming that the ship was hit by an explosion at its bow near the port of Mokha.

This operation is considered the second within hours, as the British maritime security company, Ambrey, confirmed another incident in the Indian Ocean late Sunday evening.

On the other hand, the US revealed details of a third confrontation in the Red Sea.

The US Central Command reported in a statement that its battleships came under aerial attack, claiming to have engaged with five drones.

While these new operations are part of a scenario initiated by Yemeni forces in November of last year in solidarity with the Palestinian people, the occurrence of three operations within 24 hours indicates an escalation in their frequency.

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