Italy suffers under the weight of the Yemeni attacks, while Germany approaches an agreement with the Houthis

The European mission confirmed on Tuesday that an Italian battleship came under a new attack in the Red Sea. This coincides with Germany’s revelation of its proximity to an agreement regarding the passage of its ships through the Red Sea.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Italian-led European military mission reported that the Italian frigate “Fasan” was subjected to an aerial attack, claiming that it intercepted a drone.

In a tweet on its social media page, the mission also confirmed the frigate’s engagement with drones using short-range machine guns, indicating that the attack achieved its goal with high accuracy.

This recent attack is one of several that have targeted Italian battleships since their military engagement in the Red Sea. It had previously withdrawn its frigate several times for maintenance.

The attack on the Italian battleship suggests that it is the only one still stationed in the Red Sea or actively participating in attempts to break the Yemeni blockade on Israel, especially as the attack coincided with Italy’s Ministry of Defense talk of targeting those it described as “Houthis” for a European shipment whose nature has not been specified.

The announcement of the targeting of the Italian battleship coincided with Germany hinting at an approaching agreement with Yemen regarding the resumption of navigation through the Red Sea.

Reuters quoted the CEO of Hapag-Lloyd, the German international shipping company, expressing expectations of the resumption of navigation through the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait by the end of the year.

Hapag-Lloyd is one of several European companies that suspended operations through the Red Sea due to the European mission’s failure to secure it.

The announcement by Hapag-Lloyd comes days after Germany announced the withdrawal of its frigate from the Red Sea, officially ending its participation in the European mission. This indicates Germany’s decision to replace military display with diplomatic negotiations to secure the passage of its ships through the Red Sea, following supply chains being disrupted due to the military escalation there.

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