About the results of naval confrontations

Akram Abdul Fattah:

Anyone expecting the US to admit the damage inflicted on its warships by Yemeni weapons is mistaken. The issue is primarily economic, as it affects the reputation of the great state’s military industry, and this matter overlaps with the dominance of the “military-industrial complex” alongside considerations of the imperial fleets’ prestige.

American arms companies have a significant influence on the decisions and orientations of the Pentagon. They have always been the primary beneficiaries of all wars and crises ignited by the US, but the exception is the confrontation in the Red Sea, where the losses of these arms companies will outweigh their gains when the results of what has been happening for the past six months become clear.

It is known that the American fleet’s ships possess advanced protection technologies against attacks, with each ship equipped with missile defense systems consisting of multiple layers.

Based on these technologies and others, the Americans have built their naval prestige by claiming the invulnerability of their fleets. Once the damage inflicted on one of their ships by a Yemeni missile becomes evident, it will be a scandal that will plunge the stock price of American arms companies and affect their share in the arms deals market. Moreover, it represents an insult to the world’s largest fleet, especially when the strike comes from a poor country that has been besieged for ten years.

The same applies to Britain, which withdrew its warship, “HMS Diamond,” from the Red Sea to carry out “necessary repairs,” despite announcing its success in intercepting Yemeni missiles and aircraft. We should also not forget the European fleets that have repeatedly announced their successful interception of Yemeni missiles and drones, and then after each such announcement, one of the fleet’s ships is withdrawn, starting with the French frigate “La Naguedoc,” the Danish frigate “Iver Huitfeldt,” the German frigate “Hessen,” and the Dutch frigate “Tromp”!

In any case, the outcome is evident and confirmed by the extent of the Yemenis’ success in imposing their decision despite the forces of evil in the world.

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