Including the evacuation of the dead… intensification of US military exercises in Saudi Arabia

The US forces have intensified their military exercises in Saudi Arabia in the past few days. This comes as the confrontation with Yemen escalates, with indications of its widening scope.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Since the 6th of this month, the US forces have carried out four exercises, some of which were joint with the Saudi forces, while others were conducted independently.

Among these exercises was the one conducted by the 322nd US Expeditionary Security Forces, which was called “Exercise One.” It simulates the evacuation of dead and wounded US forces personnel within the US Central Command’s theater of operations, which is currently leading the battle with Yemen, specifically in the Red Sea.

The US Central Command stated in a post on its official page that the training is part of enhancing the combat readiness of the US forces in the region.

The training is part of a series of exercises published by the US Central Command on its social media platforms in the past 48 hours. It included participation in a Saudi educational program and another participation in a long convoy alongside the Saudi forces, simulating a ground movement in the “Overwhelming Anger” exercises launched by the US and Saudi forces weeks ago.

These exercises come as the confrontations with the Yemeni forces escalate, amid US efforts to prompt Saudi Arabia to engage in the war again and provide a certain level of support to convince Riyadh of its ability to protect it.

The exercises indicate increasing US concerns about the escalation of the confrontation in the coming period.

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