Al-Mashat: Targeting the economy and aviation sector and preventing salary disbursement is a dangerous American-Saudi escalation

The President of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a, Mahdi Al-Mashat, affirmed the continuation of their armed forces “in their supportive operations against the Zionist entity on land, sea, and air” and the continuation of “the fourth phase of the ban on navigation to Zionist ports until the aggression stops and the siege on the Gaza Strip is lifted.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In a speech on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, Al-Mashat considered the escalatory steps of targeting the national economy, the banking sector, and preventing salary disbursement as a dangerous American-Saudi escalation, pointing out that this escalation is carried out by mercenaries to dissuade our people from their supportive stance towards the Palestinian people.

He advised the Saudi regime not to succumb to American pressure to tighten the noose around the Yemeni people and to proceed with achieving a just and honorable peace.

Regarding road opening initiatives, the President of the Supreme Political Council said, “We have presented and continue to present many initiatives aimed at alleviating the suffering of citizens through road openings and facilitating mobility,” calling for “implementing these initiatives practically to bring great benefits to the people.”

Regarding the economic situation in the areas under the coalition’s control and its factions, Al-Mashat said, “We are closely following the deteriorating and regrettable situation experienced by citizens in the occupied areas, including economic deterioration, lack of security, and collapse of services.” He pointed out that “the deteriorating situation in the occupied areas is a result of American policies aimed at destroying the national economy and multiplying the suffering of our Yemeni people.”

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