A new American strategy in the Red Sea

The US has initiated a new strategy in the Red Sea on Tuesday, following the termination of its military presence there due to strong attacks against its fleet.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The strategy has emerged in the media coverage broadcasted by the US Central Command regarding the Yemeni operations in the Red Sea.

The strategy specifically focuses on portraying the operations as targeting regional and international countries.

The US command, in its latest update, stated that what it described as “Houthis” targeted a ship, flying the Liberian flag and operated by Greece, for the fourth time in the Red Sea. It claimed that the ship, “MV Trans World Navigator,” was heading from Malaysia to Egypt when it was attacked by a drone.

This is the first time the US Central Command has provided details about destination of the targeted ship and even its ownership.

While Yemen had previously announced, through its military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree, that the ship was targeted due to its violation of the navigation ban to Israeli ports, the US details were described as an attempt to involve regional and international parties, including Arab countries, in its conflict in the Red Sea. Following the US announcement, Greece announced the dispatch of a new frigate to the Red Sea.

The recent US announcement confirms the imposition of a new reality in the region by Yemen, especially as it comes just days after the US Defense Department confirmed the withdrawal of its naval fleet, which was deployed in the Red Sea last October. This reflects, according to experts, a shift in US forces from a “pushback” to a “monitoring” force.

It is worth noting that the US had previously failed to form an alliance to protect Israel in the Red Sea twice: once when the US Defense Secretary announced from Tel Aviv the launch of “Guardian of Prosperity,” and another in January when his country decided to escalate the situation militarily with airstrikes on Yemen.

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