A Grand March in the Capital Sana’a and Several Yemeni Provinces on the Anniversary of Al-Sarkha

A large popular march took place this morning, Wednesday, in Bab al-Yemen Square to commemorate the anniversary of “Al-Sarkha” in the face of the arrogant, under the slogan “The slogan… a weapon and a stance 1444 AH.”

The protesters carried slogans of freedom and the flags of the Yemeni Republic. They also carried banners calling for a boycott of American and Israeli goods, denouncing American policy and arrogance, and supporting the Palestinian people and their cause in the face of the Zionist enemy chanting freedom chants denouncing American policy, and calling for a boycott of American and Israeli goods.

Sheikh Mohammed Miftah, a member of the Yemeni Scholars Association, delivered a speech in which he affirmed that the martyr commander Al-Sayyed Hussein Badr Al-ddin Al-Houthi raised Al-Sarkha in the face of the arrogant at a time when the strongest countries and systems surrendered to America.

He pointed out that since the beginning of Al-Sarkha and the stage we are living in today, major transformations have taken place at all levels in favor of the Quranic project, stressing that the Yemeni people carry the banner of confronting American tyranny, leading all peoples, and at the forefront of this confrontation.

He explained that the American administration pushed its regional tools to attack Yemen and reaped failure and disappointment, and today the region is preparing to scream against American hegemony.

He said that the Saudi regime, an agent of America and Zionism, is fighting anyone who raises Al-Sarkha in its territories and will find itself besieged by it, indicating that Al-Sarkha is no longer exclusive to one trend but has become a slogan for all free people in the face of American tyranny.

Also emphasized that Al-Sarkha is the precursor to culture, awareness, and mobilization to boycott American and Zionist goods and confront the current of global decay and corruption.

While the march speech by Dr. Ahmed Al-Shami clarified that when the American raised his deceitful slogan of “war on terrorism” to strike Islam, the martyr leader raised the slogan of right.

The march speech affirmed that America is the one leading the aggression on our country, besieging it, hindering peace, and insisting on the continuity of the fighting, which confirms the correctness of the martyr leader’s position.

Emphasized that the slogan thwarted the enemies’ plans and broke the barrier of fear, as well as directed the compass of enmity towards those who oppose and fight the nation, pointing out that it exposed the agents and Takfiris and exposed democracy and the false slogans of freedom for the United States.

It also pointed out that one of the most important practical steps for the Quranic project was the weapon of boycotting the enemy’s goods and products as a factor in building the nation and achieving self-sufficiency.

The march warned the “Arab Zionists,” as Commander Al-Sayyed Abdul-Malik bin Badr Al-ddin Al-Houthi warned them, that America is in decline and retreat, and do not pin your hopes on them and continue the aggression against Yemen.

Al-Sarkha Marches: The Yemeni people will not be silent about the continuation of the aggression, siege, occupation, and looting of wealth:

The statement of Al-Sarkha marches in the face of the arrogant confirmed that the Quranic project is a project of revival and building for the nation and a way out for it in the face of its enemies and to liberate itself from their control and conspiracies. It pointed out that the slogan broke the barrier of fear and the state of silence prevailing among the nation, and it is a weapon and a stance against the enemies.

It also emphasized that the slogan redirected the compass of enmity towards the real enemy, “America and Israel,” as it protected the nation from any penetration. noting that the economic boycott of American and Israeli goods is an effective and impactful weapon on the enemies, and its fruits include stopping the nation’s support for its enemy with money.

The statement emphasized that boycotting is a fundamental factor in building the nation and its economic revival, as it pushes it towards production and self-sufficiency instead of relying on what comes from enemies.

The statement of Al-Sarkha marches in the face of the arrogant confirmed that the state of aggression against our country is still ongoing and the unjust siege on our people is still in place. The Yemeni people will not be silent about the continuation of the aggression, siege, occupation, and looting of national wealth.

It emphasized that the Yemeni people would confront the aggression with all their strength, firmness, and determination, and more than what the enemies previously expected. The people are fully prepared for all the options that the leader of the revolution, Al-Sayyed Abdul-Malik bin Badr Al-ddin Al-Houthi, may direct.

Also noted that America leads the coalition of aggression and siege against the Yemeni people, and Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the tools executing this aggression. It added a message to the aggression countries: “that they have failed and lost, and they must stop their aggression, lift their siege, and end their occupation.”

It stressed the aggression countries’ need to address the files of war and its humanitarian and economic effects, including the file of prisoners, compensation for damages, and reconstruction.

As well confirmed that what is happening in the occupied provinces is part of the enemies’ conspiracies aiming to divide and fragment the country. The tools of aggression, in all their names, represent the occupier’s will and implement their schemes that target the country’s unity, sovereignty, and independence and have no relation to the Yemeni people.

The statement also pointed out that Saudi Arabia’s attempt to present itself as a mediator is a clear and exposed maneuver. Whoever takes the reins of this war must bear its consequences and work to address its effects. It emphasized that the Yemeni people will not allow Saudi Arabia to withdraw from the war without assuming commitments’ peace.

Regarding the Palestinian issue, the statement reaffirmed our firm and moral stance toward the problems facing the nation, which are headed by the Palestinian cause, and it also reaffirmed our support for the Jihad and resistance movements in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and other Islamic countries.

A Grand March in the Capital Sana’a and Several Yemeni Provinces on the Anniversary of “Al-Sarkha”

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