The INSAN Organization in Germany: the closure of Sana’a Airport contributed to the humanitarian catastrophe, calls for lifting the blockade on Yemen

Al-Masirah Net:

INSAN for Human Rights and Peace organization in Germany demanded on the aggression coalition to lift the blockade on the Yemeni people, including airports and ports, affirming that this is a human right guaranteed by all laws.

In a statement released on Saturday, the organization called for the airport, whose closure caused problems and difficulties for millions of Yemeni civilians both inside and outside the nation, to be opened immediately and completely.

The organization emphasized that millions of Yemenis who reside overseas as well as over 30 million Yemenis who reside in Yemen are served by Sana’a International Airport.
The Sana’a Airport’s wrongful shutdown, according to the INSAN for Human Rights and Peace organization, was a major factor in the escalating humanitarian calamity, which has been dubbed the worst humanitarian crisis.

The organization considered that the ongoing closure of Sana’a Airport did not advance any significant military objectives and that the collective suffering of civilians was the only outcome that had been achieved.

The Yemeni community in Germany has condemned the ongoing restriction and closure of Sana’a International Airport by the countries of US-Saudi-Emirati aggression, highlighting the significance and necessity of classifying the closure of Sana’a Airport and the resulting deaths of hundreds of patients as war crimes and genocide that require the prosecution of the countries of aggression.

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