Al-Mashat reveals an experiment of the latest missile technology that confused foreign forces

Mehdi Al-Mashat, the President of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a, revealed on Wednesday that their missile forces had successfully conducted an experiment that represented the “best technology” the Sana’a forces had ever developed. He emphasized that the experiment confused foreign forces.

Sana’a / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

During an extensive meeting in the province of Amran, Al-Mashat said that their missile forces yesterday tested the “best technologies reached so far” and it “confused foreign forces in the Red Sea,” albeit he withheld information regarding the target, or the type of missile fired by the Sana’a forces.

The Council President stated that two ships had arrived at the port of Aden to loot Yemeni gas when the Sana’a forces had been engaged in a hard war over the previous week. He confirmed that the Sana’a navy forced them to retreat four times, most recently yesterday.

Mehdi Al-Mashat threatened the corporations that owned the ships “Sinmar Gene” and Bolivar that the Sana’a troops would be prepared to strike them without prior notice if they tried to loot Yemeni gas from the port of Aden.

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