The Sana’a government: restrictions on Sana’a airport are no longer acceptable

Exclusive | Al-Masirah Net:

The aggravating coalition’s continued blockade of Sana’a Airport and increase in flights within the country’s only destination are making matters worse and demonstrate a lack of faith in an enemy who respects neither international law nor human rights, let alone agreements made during the de-escalation period.

Transport Minister Major General Abdulwahab Al-Durrah informed Al-Masirah today, Sunday, that approval was given for two destinations and specific flights from Sana’a International Airport at the beginning of the de-escalation period to build trust, emphasizing that “the time has come to open Sanaa Airport without restrictions.”

The restrictions on Sana’a Airport, according to Minister Al-Durrah, are no longer acceptable. He emphasized that Yemeni travelers have a right to reach their destinations without moving between airports and incurring additional costs.

The transport minister pointed out that the three additional flights to Amman had all of their seats reserved within an hour, demonstrating the magnitude of the need and the severity of the blockade.

For his part, Dr. Mutahar Al-Marwani, deputy minister of public health, noted that the closure of Sana’a Airport, which serves as a vital passage for patients and the delivery of life-saving medication, is a major contributor to the suffering of the health sector.

Dr. Al-Marwani emphasized that owing to the lack of affordable, life-saving pharmaceuticals, which are difficult to transport as a result of the airport closure, patients are dying.

The Deputy Minister of Health stressed how crucial it is now more than ever for Sana’a Airport to reopen without restrictions due to the embargo and the disastrous status of the health sector that resulted from the aggression.

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