US Central Command reveals a joint exercise with Saudi forces to counter drones

Agencies | Al-Masirah Net:

In order to confront drones, US Central Command revealed that its forces participated with Saudi forces in a joint aerial exercise in northern Saudi Arabia.

The “Red Sands 2” exercise, according to a statement from Central Command posted on its X platform account, “highlighted the progress made by both countries in defeating drones, which are a threat from adversaries.”

The statement added that the Chief of the General Staff of the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces, First Lieutenant General Fayyadh Al-Ruwaili, and General Michael Kurilla, Commander of US Central Command, kept an eye on the progress of the exercise run by the Integrated Testing Center.

According to the US Central Command, this exercise is the result of months of quick prototyping and ongoing development based on the successes of earlier exercises.

The statement also added that the latest training involves testing nine systems repeatedly for the purpose of destroying or disabling drone systems using various kinetic and non-kinetic techniques.

According to the US statement, members of Central Task Force 39 of the US Army oversaw the “Red Sands 2” exercise’s live ammunition training phase. It further stated that this task force collaborated with military and business innovators to evaluate promising drone system defense capabilities with its Saudi counterparts.

The integrated red sand center for experimentation is an important step not only in defeating drones but also in proving the shared commitment of both Saudi and US forces to regional security, according to the commander of US Central Command, who also stated that the threat posed by drones is genuine.

The American military commander added that while both parties continue to cooperate to meet challenging military challenges, the success of the upcoming exercises will depend on the successes and knowledge gained from previous trainings.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Ministry of Defense published footage of the joint exercise with US forces on its account on the X platform.

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