Sana’a responds to a Saudi attempt to evade war responsibility

In an effort to avoid accountability and save face, Saudi Arabia has asserted that its invitation to the Sana’a delegation for negotiations in Riyadh is an extension of its announced initiative in 2021. However, Sana’a’s response came swiftly through Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, a member of the Supreme Political Council, and Hizam Al-Assad, a member of the Political Bureau of Ansar Allah.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

As stated in the vision for a comprehensive solution, Al-Houthi responded to the Saudi Foreign Ministry’s statement on the X platform by saying, “As we have stated, dialogue can only be with the aggression coalition, considering that the decision to launch aggression, impose a blockade, and suspend it is in their hands. The dialogues between Sana’a and Saudi Arabia, the coalition’s leader, continue under Oman’s mediation in order to find a resolution to issues in the humanitarian file, which is represented by paying salaries to all employees, reopening the airports and ports, the departure of foreign forces, the reconstruction of Yemen, and reaching a comprehensive political solution that the delegation’s head had previously announced before departing for Riyadh: “We hope for serious discussions that serve the interests of both peoples and overcome the challenges.”

Hizam Al-Assad, for his part, confirmed that the mediation was exclusively Omani and said that the current round of talks in Riyadh offered the Saudi government a chance that might not come around again. Will Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman grasp the opportunity, break free from American constraints, and move toward peace? Particularly given that the Omani mediator has worked hard to bring about peace and has put up with a lot of rudeness, erratic behavior, stupidity, and stubbornness from the Saudi negotiating delegation during earlier rounds of negotiations.

“Our national negotiating delegation’s position is firm and principled,” he continued. “It is based on the right of our Yemeni people to their security and stability, the end of aggression against them, the lifting of the siege, and the recovery of their looted sovereign wealth deposited with the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, which is the salaries of the Yemeni Republic’s employees. Additionally, the exit of foreign invading forces, reconstruction, and compensating for the damage caused by the brutal aggression on our country.”

According to observers, the Saudi attempt to save face, as mentioned in the Foreign Ministry statement, appears desperate and unsuccessful in its manner of presentation because its talk of the 2021 initiative contradicts the course of the negotiations and their conditions, as well as Riyadh’s compliance with Sana’a’s demands and threats to resume the war if implementation of what is included in the humanitarian file is not expedited.

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