A majestic military parade by the Yemeni army and armed forces in the capital, Sana’a

Sana’a / Al-Masirah Net:

The capital city of Sana’a witnessed a majestic military parade on Thursday at Sab’een Square on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the September 21 Revolution, the largest since the victory of the Revolution in 2014.

Mahdi Al-Mashat, the president of the Supreme Political Council, as well as council members, the heads of the Houses of Representatives and members, ministers, judges, members of the Shura Council and Supreme Court, governors of the provinces, and security and military leaders were present for the military parade.

The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Marshal Mehdi Al-Mashat, laid a wreath of flowers at the shrine of the martyred President Saleh Al-Sammad and then recited the Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs, immediately upon his arrival at the parade square.

The large military parade featured a number of Yemeni army and armed forces units, including the wounded who were injured in confronting the hordes of American-Saudi aggression. The parade also revealed an arsenal of sophisticated, strategic, and newly equipped weapons.

Despite the American-Saudi aggression imposed on Yemen since March 2015, this military parade is the largest by the Yemeni armed forces since the revolution’s victory.

The latest productions of Yemen’s military industries, including various types of weapons including ballistic, cruise, and naval missiles, as well as air defense systems, warplanes, and drones equipped with the latest technologies manufactured during the period of aggression, were revealed.

Yemeni fighter jets took to the skies over the capital, Sana’a, for the first time since the start of the American-Saudi aggression, after Yemeni specialists successfully maintained, repaired, and reactivated them.

Naval Force:
The Armed Forces showcased models of weapons belonging to the Naval Forces, including boats, missiles, and mines, some of which were revealed for the first time.

A winged cruise missile with a 180 km range that runs on solid fuel, the “Sejjil” naval missile, was unveiled. It is characterized by its high precision and carries a warhead weighing 100 kg, capable of hitting any target in the Red Sea.

A locally built fighting boat with maneuvering capabilities named “Nazir” that is outfitted with medium weapons and air defense systems was also unveiled. In addition to many combat missions, such as intercepting moving maritime targets, storming ships, and raiding islands.

A variety of naval boats, including the “Asif 1,” “Asif 3,” and “Asif 2,” as well as the “Malah” boat and the three generations of “Tufan” boats, were also displayed, along with locally made naval mines of the type (“Thaqib,” “Karar,” “Mujahid 1,” “Mujahid 2,” “Awis,” “Masjoor 1,” “Masjoor 2,” and ” Also demonstrated were a number of naval missiles, including the “Rubij,” “Faleq,” “Mandab 1,” “Mandab 2,” “Asif,” and “Sayad.”

Air Force and Air Defense:
In this field, the Yemeni Armed Forces showcased a number of detection and tracking systems belonging to the Air Force and Air Defense.

The Air Defense unveiled the “Barq” 2 air defense missile, with a range of 70 km and an altitude of 20 km. It possesses a highly fragmented explosive warhead and is used to intercept close, medium, armed and unarmed, and military reconnaissance targets. It can target and chase hostile aircraft with ease thanks to its high maneuverability capability.

The “Saker” 2 air defense missile was also unveiled, with a range of 150 km and an altitude of 35,000 feet. It entered service after undergoing several successful tests to keep pace with the challenges of the current phase and features a highly explosive warhead.

The new missile is used to intercept all types of reconnaissance aircraft and cruise missiles, as it possesses advanced technology to counter jamming and electronic warfare.

The Rajoum, Rased, Qasef K2, Shehab, Mersad 2, Khatif 2, Raqib, Waeed 1, Waeed 2, Sammad 1, Sammad 2, and Sammad 3 models of combat and reconnaissance UAVs were showcased.
The Air Force unveiled the “Waeed 2” offensive UAV, which takes off from a fixed ground base, has a 2,000 km range, and has a highly explosive and fragmented warhead.

It was also showcased how the “Naba’a” radar can guide various types of missiles, has the latest technology to counter jamming, and can run nonstop for hours. Radar systems such as the B-35, B-16, and B-19 belonging to the Air Force and Air Defense were also showcased.

The Armed Forces unveiled the “Shafaq” radar and the “Ofuq” system, a tactical system characterized by its precision in target identification and tracking at distances of up to 90 km and altitudes exceeding 35,000 feet.

Both the “Ma’raj” and “Barq 1” air defense missiles, which have a 50 km range and a 15 km altitude, possess highly explosive and fragmented warheads, and high and advanced technologies that enable them to easily track and strike targets, were unveiled.

Missile Force:
The Missile Force of the Yemeni Armed Forces showcased some models of missiles for the first time.

The Armed Forces unveiled for the first time, the “Badr 4,” “Quds 4,” “Aqil,” “Tofan,” “Miyun,” “Tnkeel,” “Motei,” and “Quds Z-0” missiles. They also showcased the Sa’ir, Red Sea, Karar, Qaher, Qaher M2, and Mohet missiles, as well as the Quds 1, Quds 2, and Quds 3 winged missiles, and the Hatem, Borkan, Falaq, Dhul-Faqar, Toshka, “Zilzl3”, Qasem, Badr, Badr 1, Badr 2, and Badr 3 missiles.

Specifications of the missiles and systems revealed for the first time:
Badr 4 Missile: a medium-range surface-to-surface missile that operates on solid fuel and is known for its high accuracy in hitting targets.

The Badr Z-0 Missile: a long-range land-to-sea cruise missile with tremendous destructive capacity that can precisely target both fixed and moving land and marine targets.

Miyun Missile: a solid-fueled land-to-sea ballistic missile with medium range, capable of hitting both stationary and moving sea targets, with immense destructive capacity.

Aqil Missile: a long-range surface-to-surface ballistic missile that operates on liquid fuel and is known for its high accuracy in hitting targets.

Motei Ballistic Missile: a surface-to-air missile that operates on solid fuel and is characterized by its aerial maneuverability and high speed.

Quds 4 Missile: a long-range, winged surface-to-surface missile capable of accurately hitting targets in addition to hiding from radars.

Tofan Ballistic Missiles System: a long-range strategic surface-to-surface missiles that operates on liquid fuel and is characterized by its precise targeting capabilities.

Tnkeel Missile System: a ballistic missile system capable of both land-to-land and land-to-sea operations, operating on solid fuel, and having a medium range.

The September 21 Revolution emblem and the flags of the Republic of Yemen were carried by cubs and young people from the scouting movement as part of a scout youth display that preceded the military parade.

An artistic operetta was presented that included several dances and popular songs, which reflected the extent of Yemen’s steadfastness, unity, and confrontation with American-Saudi aggression.

A majestic military parade by the Yemeni army and armed forces in the capital, Sana’a, on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the glorious September 21 revolution

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