Minister of Defense: Peace will be achieved only by imposing deterrent military equations

Sana’a / Al-Masirah Net:

Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi, the Minister of Defense, affirmed that there is no peace without ending the aggression, lifting the siege, and the departure of foreign forces from Yemen, and there is no peace without fulfilling the legitimate and just demands of our great Yemeni people, adding that Sana’a is making a new history for the region.

The defense minister, affirmed in his speech during the majestic military parade witnessed in the capital, Sana’a, on the occasion of the “September 21 anniversary, stressed that “the invaders and occupiers must realize that we will not accept their presence on our land, or else they will face the volcanoes of Yemeni anger.

He added, “We are ready to fight battles to defend our homeland and people if the aggression does not adhere to the requirements of an honorable and just peace that fulfills the legitimate and rightful aspirations of our people,” noting, “We will double our combat readiness in the coming weeks and months as part of a practical and responsible response to deal firmly and deterrently with any new events.”

Peace will be achieved only by imposing deterrent military equations:

The defense minister also affirmed that our people believe that peace will only be achieved through imposing deterrent military equations that compel the enemy to comply with all legitimate and just demands.

He said, “Sana’a is making a new history for the Yemeni people and the region under the leadership of the master of words and actions, the leader Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr Al-din Al-Houthi,” adding, “Sana’a, the capital of steadfastness and challenge, has taken the lead, and with confidence, we confirm that it was destined to bear the burdens of change.

“We say to the sons of our people to unite against their enemies to achieve historical and national entitlements in this critical stage,” he continued, “and we must sacrifice for the sake of our future generations and be aware of the nature of this stage and the plots that the aggression is planning to target our people.”

We are strong, and we can impose our presence on the global stage:

The defense minister affirmed that “Yemen is a pillar of regional and international stability,” as “stability in Yemen serves the region,” and that “the blockade of Yemenis and the looting of their resources will have consequences at the regional and global levels.”

He said that “our islands, seas, and the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait will have Yemen’s voice heard therein, whether whoever wishes or whoever refuses,” stressing that we are strong and we can impose our presence on the global stage.

He continued by saying that in order for us to live up to the great value of Yemen, we must be thoroughly aware of the current circumstances and challenges, face them, and overcome them.

Major General Al-Atifi stressed that Yemen has passed through a pivotal stage, the vision has become clear to everyone, and today we are in the stage of an independent civilized state freed from all dependencies.

He continued, saying, “Whoever was able to build the armed forces at this high level in record time and with the least resources is capable of building various state institutions and promoting Yemen in various fields.”

The defense minister reiterated that Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr Al-din Al-Houthi, the revolution’s leader, is capable of leading the nation in the upcoming stage, whether it is peace or war.

He also urged the leaders of the aggression alliance countries “not to be deceived by the Zionist entity and to embrace the initiatives of the Yemeni leadership in Sana’a.”

The defense minister concluded his speech by praising our brothers’ struggle against foreign occupation in the occupied provinces and affirming our support for them and our commitment to standing with them until every inch of our country is freed.

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